WELCOME to Ariel Nature


To preserve and promote the ecological health  and natural beauty of Lake Ariel.  The site is a photo journal of the (mostly) natural  wonders that can be found in or around the shores of Lake Ariel.  This site can also be used as a central viewing portal of your own submitted photo’s to show the birds, mammals, fish, amphibians and natural beauty that the cottagers and friends of Lake Ariel have captured.  Along with these natural photo’s,  I could never pass up on a good photo of  any water sport or fun lake activity that you’d like to share. 

This site is also a way to help generate funds for the specific use of ecology promotion and beautification of Lake Ariel.  Funds can be generated to stock fish, add wood duck boxes, bat & bird nesting boxes, add  structure  for fish, basking floats for turtles, and peppering the shores with flora and trees. 

The goal is to have a thriving ecological system, and to add to the beautification of Lake Ariel, for all to enjoy. 


The Purpose and Goal:

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